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What we love about rugs is their attractive, gorgeous colours, the way they blend with the environment of our home and the patterns they form. They have been around for centuries in various cultures around the world, often considered true works of art woven by our hands.

Here at Clean N Gone London we take the love you have for your rugs into account and we know they deserve the proper treatment and maintenance so they can stay fresh. Without said maintenance the dirt accumulated through their use can become dangerous as dust mites and bacteria will gladly make their home within its fibres. Dust mites feed on hair and skin flakes left behind from our passing and without regular cleaning they will thrive on those and multiply in number. We will gladly alleviate the pain of that problem by giving you a chance to perform those cleaning routines for you. This will improve their overall condition and you will enjoy a healthy, clean environment at home.

We are well aware of how sensitive all rugs are. For that reason we are aware that they need to be treated more carefully than other floor covers. We will treat them with no harsh chemicals causing discoloration, first removing the loose dirt and other surface issues, then deep cleaning them via eco-friendly means.

Our cleaning team is fully trained and they know how to handle rugs, carpets and pretty much any surface around a home with care. They will deal with this in a professional manner befitting the treatment your rugs require. All members of our team are fully vetted and they carry their identification badges at all time, making sure you know who you work with. You can also require references on every single place they've worked at so you can be sure they are good at what they do.

Whatever size rug you want cleaned, we can handle it. It doesn't matter what type of material it is, or at what age it is – we will handle everything you throw at us.

All we require from you are the dimensions and small details concerning the rug itself and we will give you the estimate on how much it would cost you to get it cleaned. This is a free quote that requires no action but a phone call or online booking on your part. You can either call us at 02089 953 999 or use our website's booking function and we will contact you shortly to arrange any details.

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