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Professional cleaning service for your business.

Are you part of a company based in the Greater London area? If that is the case, you are likely interested in a working environment capable of providing a great atmosphere for both your staff and your clients.

Our cleaning technicians can perform a wide choice of tasks related to cleaning, covered by proper training and environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques. No matter how large or small, spacious or crowded your office may be, we can provide the service you need to clean and refresh its entirety.

Booking our services allows you to experience careful steam cleaning of your carpets, tiles, staircases and corridors. We aim to cover all heavily-traveled areas in your office which see the largest exposure to bacteria, dust mites and accumulated grit. The cleaning of computers, copiers and fax machines are also something that has to be done on a semi-regular basis in a professional manner, as these are some if the dirtiest objects around an office. The heat makes it perfect for many organisms to thrive, and keyboards and mice are known to be notoriously dirty and teeming with bacteria.

This is the essence of what Clean N Gone can offer to you as a way of improving your work environment. Our cleaning professionals can give you a free estimate, based on the amount of work involved with an accurate representation. Whether you want a one-off or repeated cleaning or at any time during the day we can accommodate your needs. We cover carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning and rug cleaning as part of our core duties. Among our clients are prospective businesses and corporations, churches, government offices and other organizations around the London area.

Our employees are trained extensively, fully vetted and carrying identification at all times, allowing them to work as a part of a discreet, secure workforce. We can clean sensitive mechanical equipment, hazardous chemicals and more. We can provide you with references for all of our carpet and office cleaning specialists on demand.

Our company uses top of the line cleaning equipment for cleaning purposes, guaranteeing the floor and furniture in your office space will be ready to use shortly after we are done. When we are done you will have a clean and immaculate office you can truly enjoy without worrying about your prospective clients noticing any dust or dirt. Your office environment will become more positive and we guarantee you will see the difference with your own eyes.

You can call our Clean N Gone team at 02089 953 999 to receive help or advice from us. You can also book a cleaning with us online and we will contact you within the space of a few hours to work out the details.

Clean N Gone is the name you'll want to want to use again after you've tried us once.

A Clean Office As A Factor In Work Efficiency

A typical office would constitute of desks, computers and paperwork. There are also different equipment that correspond to whatever business the office is conducting.

The one thing that is common to all offices though is the clutter of papers, files and documents. Presently, there is more emphasis on paperless working because of the advent of computer. However, the battle for clean and clutter-less desk is still a current problem.

Office worker differs from one to the other. Some workers maybe tidier than the others but when there is too much workload, arranging paperwork and filing becomes a challenge. This is the reason why many office desks are so untidy and slowly filing up with papers. People should know that there are many advantages in maintaining a clean office.

What are there advantages?

One of the benefits of a clean office is that clients and visitors coming to the office building from time to time will get a good impression. A clean office looks more professional and efficient compared to the messy ones.

Second, a clean office increases productivity. A person can look for a file and find it immediately because he knows exactly where it is. A messy desk slows productivity because a person spends so much time looking for files buried under old files or for phone numbers written in some scrap of paper.

Office cleaning always comes in handy. It is not just for creating good impression but also for improving work productivity in a way that all your documents are organized. Time is not lost looking for files because he can do other more important things for his job.

Third, a tidy office is also good for health and hygiene. Untidy offices tend to have potential hazards such as discarded coffee cups, items of food and many other items among the clutter. Documents and important papers are therefore in danger of being stained by these items. Moreover, a tidy office means that bacteria and molds are avoided. A professional office cleaning service can really help the office become a pleasant and enjoyable place to work in.

Having a clean and tidy office might come as a novelty especially for employees who are so used to the clutter. However, once they see the benefits of cleanliness, they would appreciate their new surroundings and even help in making the workspace better.

A person might think that cleaning should be one of his least concerns. He is right. There is no need to do the cleaning himself because he can enlist the help of an office cleaning company. All a person has to do is set a schedule with the cleaning service and everything will be taken cared of.

Tips In Keeping The Office Clean

When a person thinks of office rooms, there is always a typical picture in his mind. He would think of office rooms as cluttered with paper and quite disorganized. This happens because people are too busy doing their daily work, answering phone calls or attending meetings. The organization of paper and even throwing trash in the wastebasket become unimportant or secondary concerns. These should not be the case. There are some cleaning tips, products and solutions that a person can use in his office.

Surface cleaning solvent

Dirt can accumulate in surfaces of desks, cabinets, workstations and hardware parts. To clean them, a person needs surface cleaning solvent such as Lysol and Glade. He should spray a small amount on a clean rag and wipe the surfaces clean. These cleaning solvents can be sprayed directly on desks and tables but never on electronic components or computers.

Vacuum cleaner.

Regular use of vacuum cleaner is the first step towards preventing dust and mold built up in office carpet. A person must assign a maintenance person to run the vacuum cleaner over the entire office floor on a regular basis, may it be every week or every few days. This is necessary because dirt can accumulate into the carpet from the shoes of people entering the office.

Air sanitizers.

Offices are usually air-conditioned but this doesn’t mean that the air inside is clean and suitable for breathing. Because air conditioners are creating manufactured or artificial air, it means that it can become unhealthy for office people. Air sanitizers come in handy in air-conditioned offices because it will keep away air troubles. To make the office air better, air fresheners can also be use to keep the office smelling clean and fresh.

Hire a cleaning service.

A person can consider hiring an independent cleaning service. If he thinks that the maintenance person is not doing a good job or is not enough to efficiently clean his office, an independent cleaning service is a good alternative. However, it is difficult to find a good and reliable cleaning service. It is better if a person would ask friends or neighbors for referrals of dependable cleaning service. Once he gets hold of a cleaning service, he can make a schedule for the cleaning.

An office needs regular good cleaning service. A clean office is motivation for employees to work more efficiently because they are breathing healthier air and working in a sanitary environment without dust and bacteria.

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